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Airborne pollutants, from fine dust to microscopic allergens, can significantly affect your household’s well-being. This is where A-1 Heating & Cooling comes into play. Our comprehensive air filtration services are designed to tackle these invisible threats head-on. We can install an advanced air filtration system in your home, helping you breathe cleaner, purer air.

As a family-owned business with deep roots in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1983, we’ve built our reputation on delivering whole home air filtration system services that meet and exceed your expectations. Fight back against harmful airborne contaminants. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of air purifiers or schedule your air purification services!

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Anna Busse
Anna Busse
Have worked with A-1 twice: to fix a furnace and a loose dryer duct. Great experience both times: fast appointments, excellent work, clear communication. Would definitely recommend.
Ken Tompkins
Ken Tompkins
A1 Heating and Cooling installed a replacement two-stage, four-ton HVAC system at my home late last year, 2023. Miguel and his team did a great job. His whole team showed up and were very professional. They were quiet and they cleaned up after themselves each day. Each of Miguel's teams worked diligently the whole time they were there on all the tasked assigned to them, including upgrading my electrical disconnect near the outside condenser coils. I doubt the smaller companies would have done all this. I feel that some companies would have cut corners, but A1 didn't do this. And the price was actually lower than some of those other companies. So it was a great value. After Miguel was done, I looked upstairs in the attic at the air handler/evaporator coils area, and the final result looked like something out of a brochure. All the aluminum foil tape, etc., was applied with care, and it showed. It was not at all sloppy work like you get sometimes with contractors. Miguel even fixed something in one of my zones that was not right. He increase the size of the branch ducts to my smallest zone to a ten-inch duct to increase airflow to that small zone. And it was done at no extra charge. A couple months after all this fine work was done, I noticed a few action items that I thought might improve the job. A1 sent Francisco over to work on it, and his professionalism and attention to detail was excellent also. It turns out that the problem was my fault. I just needed to be more aggressive with swapping out the filter. He showed me this fact without trying to make me feel dumb about it. In the end, Francisco even made a modified filter for me because the original installers (not A1) did not make the intake register properly. The "box" for that register was not made square, which means that *no* off-the-shelf filters fit. I need to fix that register, but Francisco created a filter that will work until I get that fixed. All this makes me want to give that job to A1 Heating and Cooling also. Good work.
Floyd Spence
Floyd Spence
Vent was clogged up - they removed an Easter basket of fuzz-cotton and cleared it...
Bhagwat Brahmbhatt
Bhagwat Brahmbhatt
Brenden was great in explaing whole process.
Ameen Rouhani
Ameen Rouhani
We replaced our heater and AC with A-1 two years ago. Their service for installation and all issues post installation have been professional and great!
Thomas Amato
Thomas Amato
Clean-cut, honest, professional technician that explained everything to me. I worked in this industry for 22 years I can tell you, he was well trained.
Dustin Tran
Dustin Tran
Bryce did an excellent job with the furnace tune up. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. I was looking for a company for routine HVAC maintenance. A-1's prices are competitive. Looking forward to going with this company next year.
Rex Hanson
Rex Hanson
Bryce Pierce did a great job at maintaining our furnace! He found a vent problem which could have been hazardous (CO backup) and a drain problem which could have created an expensive leak in our attic. He returned a 2nd time to replace a blown fuse at no charge. We appreciate his diligence, clear explanations and knowledge!
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We’re here to ensure your home is always as comfortable as you want it to be, providing you with reliable, worry-free installation, maintenance, and repairs of your heating and cooling systems.

What Is Whole-Home Air Filtration?

Whole-home air filtration represents a comprehensive approach to purifying the air circulating throughout your entire home. Unlike individual units and air filters that only cover single rooms, whole home air filtration systems are integrated into your existing HVAC system, offering seamless, effective air purification across every inch of your living space. These systems work tirelessly to filter out pollutants before the air is recirculated, allowing you and your family to enjoy the highest quality air possible.

At A-1 Heating & Cooling, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of these air purification systems. Our air filtration services are tailored to match the unique needs of each home. Whether you’re dealing with allergies and asthma or simply want to improve your home’s air quality, our solutions are designed to provide long-lasting relief.

What Air Filtration Systems Remove From Your Air

The air inside your home can host a variety of unseen pollutants that negatively impact your health and comfort. Air filtration systems are engineered to target and remove many contaminants, including dust mites, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These systems also play a crucial role in minimizing the presence of airborne viruses and bacteria, making your home a safer environment for everyone.

By choosing A-1 Heating & Cooling for your air filtration system installation, you’re not just investing in a product but a comprehensive, effective service. Our systems can help reduce the risk of asthma attacks, allergic reactions, and other respiratory issues, creating a healthier living space for you and your loved ones.

Professional Air Filtration Services for Every Lifestyle

At A-1 Heating & Cooling, we believe everyone deserves to breathe clean air, regardless of their lifestyle or budget. Our air filtration services are designed to be accessible and customizable, which means we have a solution that fits your specific needs. From the initial consultation to the final installation, our team of licensed and trained professionals will work with you every step of the way to deliver whole-home air filtration systems that stand as the gold standard in home air purity.

We understand that each home is unique, which is why we offer a range of air filtration systems tailored to different needs. Our goal is to provide you with a system that not only improves your home’s air quality but also enhances your overall quality of life.

The Air Filtration System Installation Process

Choosing to install a whole home air filtration system is a significant step toward improving your indoor air quality. At A-1 Heating & Cooling, our installation process is designed to be smooth and hassle-free for minimal disruption to your daily life. Our team of experts will thoroughly assess your home’s existing HVAC system, followed by a detailed explanation of the recommended solution customized to your needs.

Once you’ve chosen the right system for your home, our technicians will proceed with the installation, integrating the new air filtration system seamlessly with your existing HVAC setup. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and efficiency, guaranteeing that the job is done right the first time, every time. When you have an air purification system installed, you can expect nothing short of excellence.

Why Choose A-1 Heating & Cooling?

At A-1 Heating & Cooling, our dedication to professionalism, honesty, and fairness has earned us a reputation as a go-to residential air filtration company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our team’s extensive experience and ongoing training mean you can trust us to handle all your air filtration needs, big or small, with the utmost care and expertise. From routine maintenance to comprehensive system installations, we pledge to provide services that meet the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Additional Services We Offer

Beyond our specialized air filtration services, A-1 Heating & Cooling offers a broad spectrum of HVAC services designed to keep your home comfortable year-round. Our expertise extends to:

  • Heating Services: Enjoy a warm and cozy home during the colder months with our efficient heating solutions.
  • Cooling Services: Beat the heat with our reliable and energy-efficient cooling systems.
  • Repair and Maintenance: Keep your HVAC systems running smoothly with our expert repair and maintenance solutions.

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Don’t let harmful airborne particles negatively impact your home and health any longer. With A-1 Heating & Cooling, achieving and maintaining excellent indoor air quality has never been easier. Our whole home air filtration system services are designed to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your air is clean and pure.

Contact us today to learn more about our air filtration systems and how we can tailor a solution to fit your lifestyle and budget! Let’s work together to make your home a healthier, more comfortable place to live.